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·Moretop tools offers premium quality wood drill bits that are used for drilling through various types of wood with minimum efforts. Wide range of various types of drill bits are available for different applications.

·Most of our wood drill bits include a pointed tip to avoid 'moving' bit. It ensures clean drilling and minimize the risk of wood splitting. In Moretop you can always find the right bit that you can trust. It is our duty to provide only high quality products to help our partners increase sales and customer base. 

Moretop Heavy Duty Wood Spade Bit 30mm 1320501713205017Power Chip Breaker Edge: 5 times faster than standard spade bits
Moretop Ship Auger Bit(with stem) 18mm 1322101113221011The hexagonal handle can be fixed in all power tools more safely,reducing slipping in standard chucks.
Moretop Ship Auger Bit(without stem) 16mm 1323100913231009For heavy-duty, precision drilling in soft and hard wood,large section beams.
Moretop 4-Flute Wood Auger Bit 22mm 1324001213240012Four cutting edges makes cutting up to 5 times faster thanstandard spade bits.
Moretop Wood Forstner Bit 32mm 1325001013250010Fast drilling of big diameters. Suitable for drilling in natural hard and soft wood, chipboard
Moretop Brad Point Wood Bit 10mm 1321101013211010Tip on the top to ensure nice and clean entry
Moretop Wood Spade Bit 32mm 1320101713201017Sharp Centering Point to ensure that the bit is driver into the right direction
Moretop TCT Forstner Bit 35mm 1325101413251014MULTIPLE APPLICATION、ROLL FORGED
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Excellent quality, original package design and our social responsibility allows MORETOP to stay unique and hold its position in the global market. Besides, we provide our partners with exceptional marketing solutions for their competitiveness. Welcome to contact and develop together with us.MORE

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