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Moretop SDS HAMMER CHISELS 13120009


Moretop SDS HAMMER CHISELS 13120009

Moretop SDS HAMMER CHISELS 13120009
Moretop SDS HAMMER CHISELS 13120009Moretop SDS HAMMER CHISELS 13120009Moretop SDS HAMMER CHISELS 13120009Moretop SDS HAMMER CHISELS 13120009Moretop SDS HAMMER CHISELS 13120009
Holesaw size40*14*250mmmm
For machinebosch,makita,milwaukee,dewalt
FOB portshanghai/ningbo
Detail Information
This multi-functional 4-piece chisel set includes a grooving, scrapping, flat and point chisels, so that you are ready to work on a wide range of hard materials from tile, concrete, brick and masonry to granite and stone. 

1. Point chisel with sharp tip is a perfect tool for detail works like slotting and carving. The highest isolated striking power among all chisels. 
2. Grooving chisel is used to cut groves for pipe and wire installations 
3. Flap chisel with narrow reinforced blade is perfect for breaking up hard surfaces. It provides precise control over the breaking action 
4. Scrapping chisel transfers power over a larger area, which makes it a perfect tool for removing plaster and other adhesive substances

*Non-slip handles. Our handles are made for tight non-slip use in high-torque and demolition applications. 
*These SDS plus chisels are made from premium quality heat tempered steel to give you strength and corrosion ressistance that you need
Item No. Point Type Dimensions
13120001 Bull Point 14x160
13120002 Bull Point 14x250
13120003 Bull Point 14x280
13120004 Bull Point 14x400
13120005 Cold Chisel 20x14x160
13120006 Cold Chisel 20x14x250
13120007 Cold Chisel 20x14x280
13120008 Cold Chisel 20x14x400
13120009 Flat Chisel 40x14x250
13120010 Flat Chisel 40x14x280
13120011 Flat Chisel 40x14x400
13120012 Bolster Chisel 50x14x250
13120013 Bolster Chisel 50x14x280
13120014 Bolster Chisel 50x14x400
13120015 Gouge Chisel 22x14x250
13120016 Gouge Chisel 22x14x280
13120017 Gouge Chisel 22x14x400
13120018 Angled Tile Chisel 40x14x250
13120019 Angled Tile Chisel 40x14x280
13120020 Angled Tile Chisel 40x14x400
13120021 Angled Tile Chisel 75x14x160
13120022 Toothed Chisel 30x10x200
Item No. Point Type Dimensions
13121001 Bull Point 18x280
13121002 Bull Point 18x360
13121003 Bull Point 18x400
13121004 Bull Point 18x500
13121005 Cold Chisel 25x18x280
13121006 Cold Chisel 25x18x360
13121007 Cold Chisel 25x18x400
13121008 Cold Chisel 25x18x500
13121009 Flat Chisel 40x18x280
13121010 Flat Chisel 40x18x360
13121011 Flat Chisel 40x18x400
13121012 Flat Chisel 40x18x500
13121013 Bolster Chisel 50x18x280
13121014 Bolster Chisel 50x18x360
13121015 Bolster Chisel 50x18x400
13121016 Bolster Chisel 50x18x500
13121017 Gouge Chisel 26x18x280
13121018 Gouge Chisel 26x18x360
13121019 Gouge Chisel 26x18x400
13121020 Angled Tile Chisel 50x18x280
13121021 Angled Tile Chisel 50x18x360
13121022 Angled Tile Chisel 50x18x400
13121023 Angled Tile Chisel 50x18x500
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