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Moretop vs Festoon Plunge Saw blade


Moretop vs Festoon Plunge Saw blade

Issue Time:2021/02/24

After so many years working in tool industry, we are able to provide a high-quality, attractive and affordable product to our partners today. However, one question arises, how good is the quality? “A high-quality product”. We have heard it million times, you would say. Is it really a high quality product?


Taking into consideration our competitive prices and also that we are a Chinese supplier, you might have some doubts about the quality of our products, and we totally understand the source of your doubts.


We will not try to convince you without any reasonable foundation. To show that our product CAN compete with world brands, we have conducted a streaming on our Facebook page (the link is below). During this streaming, we have compared the performance of Festool Plunge Saw blade with our blade. After we reviewed the results of the testing, we can proudly state that our product is competitive not only in term of price and design, but also quality and performance.

Link to the streaming video:

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