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Moretop Annual Department Presentation


Moretop Annual Department Presentation

Issue Time:2021/02/24

Beginning of the year for Moretop Family is the time for many presentations. Each presentation has its own specific purpose and goal. For example, personal review presentation goal is to review the past year results, challenges and opportunities and build a plan for the next year. However, beside personal review, we also have annual department presentation. Here is team achievements and results step forward. It is a great opportunity for each department to review annual results, procedures and processes. Each department prepares a presentation, where past year results are reviewed, departments shortages and problems are highlighted, and strategies on how to face next years challenges are discussed. Beside technical part of the presentation, each team also prepares a small performance. Anything would do. It could be a dance, creative video, a song and even reading a classical Chinese poem. Department presentation as well as personal review presentation is a conducted in a form of competition. The best team is rewarded and holds a title of the best department until the next year competition. 

Hangzhou Moretop Tools Co., Ltd

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