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Moretop Annual Review


Moretop Annual Review

Issue Time:2021/02/18

Every year in January, we conduct the Moretop Annual Personnel Review. Although, the name suggests that the management reviews our personnel, in reality, it is totally different. Every team member prepares a presentation where he or she reviews and summarize the past year results and also builds a plan for the next year. In our work, we do have a lot of presentations, however the annual review presentation is the most important one. A presented does not only shows his/her personal achievements and next year’s goals, but also his contribution to the team and the whole company. This helps to raise our team spirit and personal responsibility for the whole company.

In addition, it is a competition after all. We have designed an evaluation sheet specifically for this presentation. After the presentation, audience gives points to the presenter. Based on these points, we can highlight the most successful presentation. The winner of this event gets a reward. Each year’s reward is different. For example, in 2021, the winner of the competition - Rachel got ‘Wave’ electric bike.    

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