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·Metal working drill bits designed for machine and hand held drilling.

·Better drilling on flat or curved surfaces, like pipes, unalloyed and alloyed steels, cast iron, hardened steel, and etc.

Moretop HSS Countersink 10mm 1305001113050011Moretop High Speed Steel (HSS) countersink is made of industrial grade high-speed steel.
Moretop TURBOPLUS Fully Ground 10mm 1300801813008018MULTIPLE APPLICATION、ROLL FORGED
Moretop Overview HSS Drills 10mm 1300102213001022MULTIPLE APPLICATION、ROLL FORGED
Moretop HSS-PRO G Fully Ground 10mm 1300502213005022PREMIUM HSS TITANIUM Coating、FULLY GROUND PROCESS、135° Split Point、MULTIPLE APPLICATION
Moretop HSS-G Fully Ground 10mm 1300202213002022Fully ground spiral groove design clears particles quickly, decreases friction and heat for a faster and cooler drilling
Moretop HSS-CO COBALT 5% 10mm 1300902213009022Moretop HSS Twist Drill Bit with Cobalt provides long-lasting drilling performance.
Moretop HSS Taper Drill Bit 16-30.5mm 1304000313040003Moretop taper drill bits are precisely ground on a CNC grinder and match the shapes of wood screws so that screw threads grip
Moretop HSS Step Drill Bit 6-30mm 1303001013030010Precision engineered steel bits with 2-flute design and tapered cutting edges allowing
Moretop HSS Spiral Step Drill Bit 4-22mm 1303100313031003Precision engineered steel bits with spiral flute tapered cutting edges allowing for de-burring or chamfering of the hole
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