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4 Points for Correct Maintenance of Carbide Saw Blades


4 Points for Correct Maintenance of Carbide Saw Blades

Issue Time:2021/10/27
specifications for the operation of the saw blade

The condition of the carbide saw blade will affect the stability and quality of the sawing, so it is very necessary to carry out the correct maintenance of the carbide saw blade. And from the point of view of the processing link, if we want to effectively extend the life of the carbide saw blade, we must start with the following specifications for the operation of the saw blade.

1. Do a good job of cleaning the saw blade

(1) Whether it is before or after the carbide saw blade is used, we must check the surface of the saw blade for dirt. If there is dirt on the surface of the saw blade, it must be removed.

(2) Some large-scale aluminum profile processing companies will require their employees to check the surface of the saw blade for dirt before loading the saw blade on the issue of the standard operation of the saw blade.

(3) When inspecting the surface of cemented carbide saw blades, we must pay more attention to check whether there is dirt at the hole because once there is dirt at the hole, it will affect the tightness of the flange, and even make it The saw blade swayed during work.

2. Please keep the saw blade when you don’t use it

(1) The surface of a brand-new saw blade is very smooth, but after a long period of use, the saw body of the saw blade often has a lot of dirt, and after using the saw blade, we have to check it more. Whether the surface of the saw blade adheres to dirt.

(2) If after completing a sawing task, it is found that there are a lot of aluminum chips and other dirt on the saw body of the saw blade, then in order to ensure that there will be no problems in the next sawing work, we must clean it up dirt on the saw blade in time.

(3) At the same time, although the carbide saw blade is made of alloy tool steel, the saw blade itself is still very afraid of humid environments. In this regard, when we save the saw blade, try not to lay it flat on the ground.

(4) The correct approach is to put the unused carbide saw blades in a moisture-proof carton or to hang the saw blades in a dry environment by hanging them.

3. Sharpen cemented carbide saw blades in time

As consumable cemented carbide saw blades, sometimes no matter how careful we are. In fact, we cannot avoid the wear of the saw blades. When the saw blade really wears out, in addition, to directly eliminating the saw blade, saw blade sharpening is often the first choice.

(1) The resin, debris and other debris sticking to the saw blade must be removed before sharpening.

(2) Sharpening should be carried out in strict accordance with the original geometric design angle of the saw blade during sharpening to avoid damage to the tool due to improper sharpening. After the sharpening is completed, it can be put into use after passing the inspection to avoid personal injury.

(3) If manual sharpening equipment is used, accurate limit devices are required, and the tooth surface and tooth top of the saw blade must be inspected.

(4) It is necessary to use a special coolant to lubricate and cool during sharpening, otherwise it will reduce the service life of the tool and even cause internal cracks in the alloy cutter head, leading to dangerous situations in use.

4. The maintenance skills of applying trace lubrication

In order to effectively maintain the saw blade and extend the service life of the saw blade, we can also install a set of micro-lubrication devices on the aluminum cutting machine.

(1) Since the micro-lubrication system can spray cutting fluid at a rate of 0.05 milliliters per second onto the saw blade that is rotating at high speed, it can not only effectively save the amount of cutting fluid used for aluminum, but also reduce the amount of cutting fluid used.

(2) Since the saw blade generates a lot of heat when it is working, if the heat is gathered together and cannot be effectively discharged, it will actually cause the saw blade to deform due to heat, which will affect the sawing of the saw blade.

(3) And spraying cutting fluid to the saw blade in working condition can effectively improve the heating of the saw blade and take away the heat, thereby keeping the temperature of the saw blade at a reasonable level, so as not to be caused wear by dry cutting.

Only by correct maintenance of the carbide saw blade in accordance with the above points, it can maintain a good sawing state. If you feel that the above content is not very effective for you after reading the above, you can get a comprehensive solution by contacting MORETOP.

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