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CEA activity


CEA activity

Issue Time:2020/07/27
After Hangzhou Moretop Tools was established in 2013, we spend more than 2 years to establish the company’s corporate culture, core values and principles. We wanted to create positive and harmonious working environment for our employees. We wanted our people to describe the culture at work as being like a family. It is crucial for a company to create atmosphere where different personalities could establish healthy work relationships with each other. That became a reason for CEA activity. Each month two employees are chosen to create an interesting activity for the whole company. The activity ought to be not only entertaining, but useful for other members. The purpose of CEA activity is to transform office into the place where people not just do their working routine, but also learn, have fun and cooperate with others. An example of such activity is July 2020 CEA – healthy month. Three times a week, CEA leaders create some physical activities for everyone to keep our employees fit. The punishment for those who like to finish physical exercise after deadline, is to bring fruits, vegetables and other nutrient-rich food for the whole team. 
Hangzhou Moretop Tools Co., Ltd

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