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the 3rd Moretop Streaming session


the 3rd Moretop Streaming session

Issue Time:2020/07/31
Every year our company participates in the Annual International Hardware Show is Shanghai, however due to the epidemic prevention policies this year’s exhibition was postponed. Furthermore, many countries closed boarders for an indefinite time. Undoubtedly this destroyed plans of many people, who planned to visit this exhibition and find the best product deals. 

To solve this issue, our company launched streaming sessions. Using online platforms such as Facebook, Youtube and Alibaba we are able to show our latest products, offer various holiday promotions and directly answer customers’ questions through live-chat. The first two streams were dedicated to multitool, jigsaw and reciprocating saw blades. 

The upcoming streaming is set on the 31st of July. We are planning to cover quick-change drill system and our newest reciprocating saw blade for rubber, flame resistant and sound insulation cotton. This time we will pass the stage to our sales assistants - Lee and Leo to present those products. Prepare you questions and don’t miss the chance to get to know more about our latest products and upcoming Black Friday promotion. .
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